The Benefits of Wild Flowers

Wildflower meadows are rare habitats...
When you consider that the UK has lost around 98% of its wildflower meadows, it highlights how rare these stunning habitats are.

With an estimated 15 million gardens in Britain, the potential for supporting wildlife is huge. If only 1 percent of garden owners designate just a couple of square meters of their garden to becoming a wildflower meadow, it would surely help to ensure the sustainability of this ecologically vital habitat for future generations.



Maintaining and enhancing biodiversity is central to the challenge of sustainable development. A wild flower meadow offers a species rich 3D environment that supports a large number of insects and mammals with habitat and food sources.

A wildflower meadow naturally produces a biodiverse habitat, supporting birds, mammals, bees, butterflies and other invertebrate species.

Supporting Pollinators

Biodiversity is our key resource and support system. It is critical for the functioning of ecosystems which supply us with products and services; oxygen, food, fresh water, medicines, and a stable climate to name a few. It helps sustain the human existence and our quality of life.

Without pollinators, human food sources would be seriously diminished. Restoration of rich and essential nectar sources for bees and other insects is vital for the health of the pollinator population


Wild flower landscapes are known to have a significant benefits for mental and physical well-being with studies showing reduced morbidity rates for those in contact with natural green spaces on a daily basis.

Sustainable Landscapes

The successful maintenance of a wild flower area requires little human input, no need for irrigation, fertiliser, weed control or regular mowing. The low cost of management means wild flower a well suited to a long term future in the public and domestic landscapes.

Design opportunities

Wild flowers offer an exciting layer to existing 2D landscapes, with the ability to provide longterm colour, thriving on the poorest soils and enhancing otherwise difficult to manage areas.

The seed mix at Wildflower Turf uses native perennial species, which produce a changing palette of colour throughout the seasons. Additionally many species grow to18 inches high creating a stunning visual impact.

The nature of the Wildflower meadow requires little maintenance; an autumn cut is all that is needed.