Woodland & Estate Management

We cater for all aspects of woodland work, including but not limited to: Clearing wind blown and storm damaged trees, coppicing, creating and maintaining paths, bracken and bramble control, rhododendron removal, ditching, boundary fence installation and much more.

For commercial clients we can also offer maintenance of SANG’ s following your management plan.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Whether your goal is fruit production or just maintaining the size, we can advise on the best way and time of year to prune. We can also carry out the work for you and take away the cuttings for composting


Small Holder Assistance

We're here for when you need a helping hand with your fleecy friends. Whether you need one-off support or regular work, we can provide a range of different services to suit your needs. 

Note: This service is not for farmers with large number of livestock and we are not qualified vets. 


Tree Care

We're passionate about trees and are experienced in looking after them. We offer a range of tree care services to cater to the needs of the tree. We also recognise when a tree is dangerous, dying or simply in the way and can recommend the necessarily measures to take. 


Fencing and Gates

Good fences make good neighbours. Whether it's to keep people out, or pets in, we'll find a fence that's up to the task. We can also take on fence repairs or gate installations.

Hedge Cutting & Planting

We can do everything from a simple annual trim to reductions and complete removals or restorations.

If its a new hedge you would like, we can advise you on the best hedge for your soil type, location and needs. When you have made your choice we can supply and plant your new hedge. We know how much some of the large potted hedging plants can cost, so we don't just plant the hedge and leave, we will set up a watering system for you (which can be automatic) to make sure your lovely new hedge doesn't dry out. We also give you a care plan for the next couple of years to ensure your hedge has the best start. If time is an issue we can even carry out the care plan for you. 


Soft Landscaping

All aspects of soft landscaping Inc.

  • Creating new lawns

  • Installing pergolas

  • Small gabion walls

  • Laying garden paths

  • Creating flower beds and raise veg bed with automatic irrigation

  • Planting new trees, plants and shrubs, we'll take on the hard work so that you can spend your well earned spare time enjoying your garden.

Wildflower Meadows & Butterflies

Simply bursting with colour, buzzing with insects and alive with animals. A wildflower butterfly meadow can only be described as one of our summer spectaculars.

Wild flower meadows in the UK have been disappearing at an alarming rate, threatening the survival of our butterfly population. By creating your own meadow, you will be helping to stop that decline. Get in touch to find out how we can help you get started.

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Garden Pest Control

Is you garden being ruined by unwanted visitors? Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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Garden/Grounds maintenance

We can offer regular visits throughout the year which are tailored to you specific requirements.

Commercial grounds maintenance -

Domestic garden maintenance - More info coming soon