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Landscaping and New Fencing in Haslemere | Our Landscapers Explain What Makes a Good Outside Space

From gardens to woodlands, outdoor spaces vary dramatically. However, when it comes to creating a great outside space, some things are the same. For example, the area should meet the user's needs and be nice to look at. Below, we explain some factors which help make the most of gardens and woodlands in Haslemere and the surrounding areas, from new fencing services and new decking services to forestry and woodland management.

The landscapers and tree surgeons at Managed Acres provide all these services and more, including professional garden design, agricultural fencing and grounds maintenance. As such, if you want to improve your outdoor space in Surrey, we can provide a hassle-free solution.

Here are some elements that help make an effective garden or other area:


Gardens provide space to enjoy nice weather and get that important vitamin D and fresh air. However, if your garden isn’t practical, you might not use it much. Consequently, the best garden designs ensure the space is functional for the user. This depends on your needs, but it could mean including any of the following:

  • Patio or deck for furniture and year-round use

  • Raised decking to make a sloped garden usable

  • Lawn for games and playing

  • Vegetable patch

  • Fence for privacy and/or security

  • Path to easily get around the garden

The landscapers and tree surgeons at Managed Acres in Haslemere listen to your needs and ideas to provide new decking services, new fencing services (including agricultural fencing), grounds maintenance and other landscaping services that suit you perfectly.

When it comes to woodlands, it’s important to make sure woods are safe and usable for members of the public (where there are rights of way). Our forestry and woodland management services include maintaining and repairing rights of way to keep them accessible.


Natural environments are crucial to supporting native wildlife and helping reduce the effects of climate change. Consequently, good garden designs combine hard and soft landscaping to maintain natural wildlife habitats and provide other environmental benefits.

Our landscapers and tree surgeons recommend incorporating wildlife-friendly plants, such as flowers for bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Some popular options include lavender, catmint, wild marjoram, dahlias, wild cherry trees, bluebells and dog-rose.

You can also encourage hedgehogs with plenty of thick undergrowth, hedges and long grass, while a pond can help attract amphibious species.

We advise customers in the Haslemere area to balance new fencing services (including agricultural fencing), new decking services and other hard landscaping with softscape features. For example, don’t cover your whole garden with a deck or paving. You could also opt for hedging or shrubs in front of fencing.

Sustainable Forestry
and Woodland Management

To keep woodlands sustainable, Managed Acres provides low-impact forestry and timber extraction, keeping woodlands healthy. We also help with grounds maintenance and manage and encourage biodiversity, ensuring homes for a variety of wildlife.

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