Grounds Maintenance
By Managed Acres
Garden Forest

Grounds Maintenance in Godalming, Farnham
and All Nearby Areas

The reputable team of landscapers at Managed Acres are highly experienced and skilled in various forms of grounds maintenance. Whether you are the owner of private domestic property or a commercial property of any size, we work with a wide range of customers across Surrey. If you’re based in our hometown of Haslemere or nearby areas such as Godalming and Farnham, we can manage your grounds to the highest of industry standards.

Our maintenance services are just one part of our business. As tree surgeons and landscaping professionals, we can help you with everything from agricultural fencing to forestry and woodland management and many other aspects of landscaping services.

Give us a call on 01420 489686 or 07792 710039 if you would like to hire us to work on your property.

Professional Grounds Maintenance Services

To effectively manage and maintain grounds for our customers in Haslemere, Godalming, Farnham and the surrounding areas, the team at Managed Acres have spent many years honing their craft. Our landscapers and tree surgeons are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of grounds maintenance, as well as holding all relevant qualifications. We’re an MPTC certified company that has Wildflower-accredited installers among our staff. All team members have also achieved NVQ Level 3 in   Countryside Management, making us well-positioned to work on your land.

Managed Acres carers to the needs of various domestic and commercial clients around Surrey and Hampshire. Typically, our customers own large areas of land, such as fields, woodlands and forests, as well as large properties, such as farms, estates and country homes. We’re experienced at working across all these settings and providing the professional care you need.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Bare Root Hedging (Supply, Planting and Maintenance)

  • Field and Grass Cutting Services for Any Sector

  • Hedge Cutting

  • Hedge Maintenance

  • Hedge Planting

  • Hedge Removal

  • Landscaping Services

  • Native Hedging

  • Paddock Maintenance

  • Tree Cutting

  • Tree Felling

  • Tree Maintenance

  • Tree Planting

  • Tree Pruning

  • Tree Removal

  • Weed Control and Management

  • Wild Flower Meadow Creation and Maintenance

  • Woodland Management


With a high level of proficiency in all of these services, Managed Acres strives to take care of all your grounds maintenance needs in Haslemere, Godalming, Farnham and the surrounding areas. Every leaf, every tree branch and every blade of grass on your land is expertly taken care of by our local landscapers and tree surgeons. Whether you’re interested in bare root hedging, native hedging, tree planting or any related service, we can walk you through our process and provide as much detail as you need.

Our services are available as a one-off or on a more regular basis. We can arrange annual visits or more frequently should you require us to do so. As a locally-based company, we support fellow Hampshire and Surrey businesses by sourcing all the materials and equipment we use in the local area. This includes compact tractors, flail mowers and collectors and all tractors and mowers used for paddocks. We honour manufacturer’s warranties on materials and always aim to produce long-lasting results.

Please call 01420 489686 or 07792 710039 to speak to the landscapers at Managed Acres about agricultural fencing, grounds maintenance and other services in Haslemere, Godalming, Farnham and the surrounding areas.