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Tree Surgeons and Garden Design in Godalming | Encouraging Wildlife

Many homeowners and landowners in Surrey are interested in encouraging and supporting native wildlife. From butterflies and bees to hedgehogs and foxes, all types of wildlife are important to our local environments and ecosystems. However, as more land is built over and with the popular trend for excessive garden paving, our native wildlife is in trouble. Here, our landscapers and tree surgeons shed some light on supporting wildlife without having to forego new decking services, new fencing services and your preferred garden design.

Covering Godalming and the surrounding areas, Managed Acres provide agricultural fencing, grounds maintenance and landscaping services, as well as forestry and woodland management. With a passion for sustainability, our landscapers can tailor work to create and maintain natural habitats.

Wildlife-Friendly Plants and Areas

Wild Corner, Border or Planter

A neatly clipped, pristine garden is not the best environment for wildlife, but you don’t have to let your whole garden run wild. Dedicate an area of your garden as a wildlife zone and let it grow. This will provide shelter, food and a breeding ground. You can also plant flowers which will attract insects and the birds which eat them.

To ensure your garden is practical, combine paving or new decking services with soft landscaping and grounds maintenance. A patio or deck works brilliantly alongside flowers and shrubs.



Our landscapers and tree surgeons are experts at creating wildflower meadows which provide food for pollinators and are excellent for biodiversity. Customers in Godalming can include a wildflower area in their garden design, or we can create full wildflower meadows.

Trees and Shrubs

Gardens with trees are more attractive to wildlife. Different types of trees provide food and shelter for birds, insects, bees, caterpillars, mice, badgers and other mammals. Shrubs and hedges can offer similar benefits. Although new fencing services are popular for garden borders, consider a wildlife-friendly hedge which hedgehogs and other animals can travel through. If you must have a fence, you could plant shrubs along it.

The landscapers and tree surgeons at Managed Acres can plant and maintain trees within gardens and, as part of our forestry and woodland management services, we keep woodlands healthy to support various wildlife. We also provide agricultural fencing to suit the needs of land and livestock owners.

Water Source

A water source can attract wildlife and act as a lifeline in extreme weather. Even a small dish is enough to provide drinking and bathing water for birds and mammals. This option also doesn’t need to be incorporated into your garden design. Alternatively, a pond offers space for amphibians and insects to live and breed.

Water Source
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Homes for Wildlife

Ready-made homes are a great way to attract different species into your Godalming garden, for example:

  • Bird Boxes

  • Bug Hotels

  • Frog Houses

  • Hedgehog Houses

  • Butterfly Houses

Decking can even provide a comfortable home for insects, mice and birds in the space underneath, so don’t discount new decking services when planning a wildlife-friendly garden.

When it comes to forestry and woodland management, we make sure woodlands provide habitats for a range of different species by encouraging biodiversity and keeping woodlands healthy. Where required, we can also help control the presence of certain species with specialist grounds maintenance and new fencing services such as deer netting and rabbit-proof netting and agricultural fencing.

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