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Uses for New Fencing in Farnham
Thoughts from Our Professional Landscapers

Based in nearby Haslemere, Managed Acres regularly serves domestic and commercial customers located in Farnham and the surrounding areas of Surrey and Hampshire. Our professional landscapers and tree surgeons are adept at all of the following services:

As demonstrated by the list above, our team has a diverse skill set that helps us accommodate for the needs of our many clients in the local area. On this page, we would like to share some of our expertise as landscapers and tree surgeons to help improve your green spaces. Fencing plays a vital role in security (especially with agricultural fencing), layout and appearance of our land. We will cover some key fencing topics with a particular focus on gardens to help inform your choices on new fencing installations.

What is the Best Choice for Garden Fencing?

There’s no straightforward answer as to what is the best fencing for your garden. Like with other aspects of garden design, or our other services like new decking and grounds maintenance, every Farnham customer has their personal preference that we as landscaping service providers must take into account. However, in our experience, what we will say is that it’s beneficial for your fence to match your garden’s design aesthetic. For instance, many gardens in urban areas use sleek wood-panelled fencing, while more traditional countryside gardens go well with willow and timber fencing or hedges.

How Can You Improve the Appearance of a Fence?

Beyond choosing the material to use for your fencing, there are many ways to improve the way it looks, some more cost-effective than others. You can apply paints to certain materials to enhance the colours in your garden; some people choose to add more greenery to their outdoor space by creating a living wall as part of their fencing. Also, you can’t overlook regular maintenance to help prevent damage and keep your fencing looking as good as possible for as long as possible.


What Is The Cheapest Garden Fencing Material?

If you’re working with a limited budget and simply need a fence to mark the boundaries of your garden, you can’t go wrong with vertical feather or close board panels. These forms of fencing are widely available and can be installed quickly by expert landscapers like us. However, obviously by choosing a cost-effective option for your new fencing installation, vertical feather and close board fencing isn’t the most visually appealing. Although, as mentioned above, you can customise it in various ways to improve this. 

Are There Alternatives to Fencing?

As expert tree surgeons and landscaping specialists, we always endeavour to offer a variety of options for garden design, new decking, grounds maintenance and garden and agricultural fencing. If traditional fencing won’t cut it for your Farnham property, there are other ways of creating a boundary. This may come in the form of a living screen and archway for a countryside garden or wildlife-friendly varieties, such as dog roses, honeysuckles and wisteria.

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