Our Mission 

The South East is a beautiful part of the country and home to some diverse and unique wildlife. We strive to protect and maintain these natural habitats, whilst creating enjoyable, versatile outdoor spaces for you... our clients.

Through our expertise & qualifications in Woodland and Countryside Management, Arboriculture, Horticulture, Landscaping and Grounds Upkeep, we're well equipped to advise on how best to manage your land, whilst encouraging native wildlife such as butterflies, bees and birds back into your garden.


Meet the Team

Ben Chick - Owner

Ben started Managed Acres in 2009, after leaving Merrist wood College. He has since been back on various courses to expand his knowledge base so he can better help his customers. His father was a professional gardener so Ben has been working outside since he was old enough to push a lawn mower. Between running the business and family time, Ben will tell you he doesn't get spare time anymore. However he does still manage to squeeze in the odd run on the local mountain bike downhill trails.  

Daniel Mitchell - 

Dan is Ben's second in command. Before joining the team, he went to Merrist wood College, worked in a nursery and then for a well known tree surgery company and finally joined Ben in 2016. Dan enjoys working in the forge that he built in his back garden. You may also see him at Natural England properties doing 12th century Norman re-enactment. 

Luke Rapley -

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James Bennett -

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Jonathan Becker -



Rocket is never far from Ben's side. In fact, he's been known to turn up for work bright and early even on days when Ben's not there. Not afraid to get his paws dirty, Rocket keeps the team motivated and entertained with his endless energy. He enjoys a good scratch behind the ears and rotted tree stumps to sniff. In fact he's so good at finding rotten tree stumps, the team call him a decay detection dog. 

Peach web pic.png

Peaches -

Peach is the newest member of the team. Most of the time she is in the office helping with Paperwork. She is great at sheading old documents